100 Pint Club

Or the “1759 Club” as it’s also known is a loyalty promotion aimed at “Guinness” drinkers, although it has been expanded to accommodate that other Irish favourite, Kilkenny.

“1759” was the year that “Guinness was” first brewed in Ireland, the rest they say is history.

To enter and be eligible to become a member of the “100 Pint Club” you must purchase 100 pints of “Guinness” or Kilkenny in one participating outlet over a 12 month period.

Membership is active for 12 months and renewable by purchasing 24 additional pints each year at the same participating outlet.

There are 4 target levels in the 100 Pint Club.
100 Pints
500 Pints
1000 Pints
2500 Pints

At the attainment of each level a member will receive a gift.

Members are recognised on a “1759 Club” board in the bar.

Obviously entrants must be 18 years and over and all requirements of The
Sale of Liquor Act in terms of host responsibility will be observed.

Just another fun entertainment option at “The Craic”!